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The Logan Square Chamber of Commerce is an association of local businesses that range from restaurants and retailers, to doctors and realtors. We are a delegate not-for-profit agency of the City of Chicago and our mission is to help existing business owners achieve success; advocate for community improvements and to encourage new businesses to become part of our thriving community. 


The Logan Square Chamber of Commerce aims to build a vibrant community, economic vitality and equality of life for the Logan Square community through business leadership.


This section describes the annually-issued priorities and recommendations for the Logan Square Chamber of Commerce, which span Transport, Zoning and Development and Business Climate.


The Logan Chamber of Commerce is tasked with supporting:​

  • Comprehensive planning for transportation, parking and traffic initiatives.

  • Promotion of pedestrian and bicycle friendly planning and policy solutions.

  • Public transportation friendly planning and policy solutions.


The Logan Chamber of Commerce is also responsible for supporting and monitoring: 

  • Transparent community zoning processes that are consistent across the City

  • Proposals that will be beneficial to local businesses. 

  • Proposals that promote responsible density and include at least 20% affordable housing.

  • Transit Oriented Developments that include funding for improvements to transit and other infrastructure impacted by increased density.

  • Proposals for downzoning business corridors in Logan Square and Avondale to ensure business and resident input is considered.


Given the huge impact of Covid-19 on our community, the Chamber also assumes responsibility for:


  • Supporting legislation to provide accelerated and streamlined access to relief for small businesses during the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Supporting legislation to remove tax incentives for property owners with chronically vacant storefronts

  • Opposing legislation that unduly shifts City and State tax burdens to small businesses

  • Encouraging the development of high paying technology, innovation, and manufacturing uses within the Logan Square community

  • Supporting community benefit agreements without placing unreasonable burden on the local businesses 

  • Continuing to support LSNA’s Quality of Life Plan’s Economic Development Strategies, including:

  • Supporting small businesses, particularly those owned by local residents, immigrants and people of color

  • Creating a pipeline for local workers to large and growing economic sectors in the Logan Square/Avondale area to connect local business with the local workforce

  • Supporting recognition, promotion and incentives for Cultural and Arts Institutions including theatres, music venues, galleries and more.

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