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We have so much choice today, in terms of who or where to buy from, making it harder for local businesses to compete with large companies that spend millions on marketing to secure sales. Buying locally allows businesses within our Logan Square community to remain open and grow, which creates more jobs for the local economy and helps communities to prosper. Here are 9 reasons why you should buy local:

1. Sustain our local economy

Small businesses are the backbone of the local economy and to ensure that that economy remains  strong and sustainable, the process needs to be full circle; with people buying from their local businesses, to put the money back into the regional area they live and work. Circulating money within the community in this way will allows Logan Square to continue to thrive.

2. Create jobs

Small businesses are the largest employer nationally and provide local jobs to communities. Local employers are also more likely to offer higher average salaries and be more caring than national and international chains too.

Supporting local business, creates local jobs and a healthy economy for the community.

3. Support the environment 

When you buy local, you or your supplier are not travelling long distances and as you help local businesses grow, they will employ local people, too. This cuts out the need for local people to commute long distances to work. This means reduced carbon emissions, which helps our environment.

4. Save money through local deals 

Through supporting your local businesses, you help to support local entrepreneurs, who continue to think up new ways to help you solve problems and save money. They also give something back to the community and tend to offer better deals than larger chains.

5. Promote healthy local competition 

Local companies have such great and competitive prices, thanks to healthy competition. A marketplace of thousands of small businesses is the most reliable way to ensure innovation and low prices over a long-term period.

6. Enjoy a unique customer experience 

Although some national and international chains have good customer service, you cannot beat the personal touch of a local owner, who’ll hire people with specific product expertise and are able to make recommendations, give advice and provide personalised customer service.

7. Support our community's identity

Local businesses are operated by local people who know the area well, who add a natural authenticity to the community and tend to respond to customer’s needs in a quicker, more efficient and flexible manner

8. Buying local builds communities 

An area filled with an array of unique, vibrant businesses and shops will attract more customers and help make the community a financially healthier area in which to live and work. Local businesses are less likely to leave and are more invested in the community’s welfare and future.

9. Local businesses contribute through local tax

Local businesses pay their fair share of taxes and their employees pay income tax and national insurance too, some of which is circulated back into the local economy from central to regional and local government, to provide the community with public services.

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