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Logan Square Chamber of Commerce
Street Pole Banner Program

Gain exposure for your business by sponsoring a street pole banner! The program is a great way to increase your business’ visibility while also branding the community. Banners give your business 24-hour visibility on some of Logan Square and Avondale’s busiest streets, including Armitage, Belmont, Diversey, Fullerton, and Milwaukee.

The Chamber will secure all necessary permits and offers proofing, installation, and maintenance at no charge to you. In addition, we will handle the reinstallation of any damaged banners at no additional cost. See pricing information on order form.


1 - 4 banners, the price is $275.00 each, non-member fee $350

5 - 9 banners, the price is $250.00 each, non-member fee $300

10+ banners, the price is $200.00 each, non-member fee $250

One time setup fee = $50 Annual renewal rate = $75

*Disclaimer Banner locations are not guaranteed and are installed on street poles along commercial streets throughout the LSCC service area. Your banner may not be specifically placed outside of a competitor. Banners will not be installed until payment is received. Your banner is guaranteed for two full years, depending on the contract and after the initial payment. Any wear and tear during that time will be maintained by the LSCC.

Order Form
Logan Square/Avondale Street Pole Banner



+ $50 set up fee

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Thanks for your order! We will contact you with proof for approval.

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