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Updated 12/23/20


Today’s retail environment is challenging. Now more than ever, business owners understand the need to have a strategic and collaborative effort to identify common priorities and coordinate efforts. An SSA can fund these goals.


Special Service Areas (SSAs) are an economic development tool that brings businesses and local organizations together to collectively decide how tax dollars can be spent locally to maintain and promote a shared business district. The City of Chicago has over 50 active SSAs that support and market their small business owners, cultural roots, murals and local experiences.


Along with many long-standing organizations and dedicated volunteers, the Logan Square Chamber of Commerce serves as advocates for the neighborhood and local businesses. However, resources and staff are limited and needs along Milwaukee Avenue are growing. The online retail marketplace has affected business sales, small shops are getting pushed out due to rising rents, while other areas along Milwaukee Avenue are experiencing vacancies. Maintenance, trash pick-up, and safety / surveillance are also of growing concern.


SSAs provide a wide variety of services within their individual boundaries. Common service categories and programs include but are not limited to:

  • Business Marketing

  • Trainings + Workshops

  • Vacancy Reduction

  • Small Business Rebates

  • Safety Enhancements

  • Security Camera Rebates

  • Public Art + Murals

  • Holiday Lighting + Decor

  • Community Grants

  • Corridor + Plaza Maintenance

  • Trash Clean-Up / Recycling

  • Sidewalk Snow Plowing

  • Landscaping + Tree Plantings

  • Planters + Hanging Baskets

  • Street Pole Banners / Signage

  • Cultural Events

  • Food + Music Festivals

  • Community Programming


The Logan Square Chamber of Commerce submitted a formal SSA application to the City of Chicago in June 2020, after which another mailing notified property owners of a public hearing in October 2020. Due to COVID-19, the initiative had to be placed on hold. Incorporating an SSA in Logan Square is one of our main priorities.


Do you have ideas and comments to share? We would love to hear and introduce them when discussions start up again.



If you have questions, please email Nilda.

Nilda Esparza

Executive Director

Logan Square Chamber of Commerce

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