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Oliva Gallery Presents "Filtered through Time" SA Schloff

Updated: 1 day ago

Misplaced mural whose integrity has been compromised by a poorly located radiator, pipe, door, and inauspiciously, a small piece of electrical tape and chewed gum stuck to the wall. The images are lonely, melancholic and hopeful at the same time. Schloff produces images that make the blurred memories of schoolrooms and hallways once animated by classmates, teachers, and the daily junior soap opera of primary school life crisp, recognizable and familiar. Yet the photographs do not catalogue or describe these places; rather, they quietly circle around them, and, at a remove, offer small glimpses back to those school day settings, recalling their character and an ambiance “Filtered Through Time”.

Opening September 6th 5-9 pm

Show runs through October 5th.



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