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2021 Christmas Tree Recycling

There's something undeniably romantic about a real Christmas tree. The scent, the falling needles, the way they light up our homes, infuse the air with merriment for a few short weeks then away they go. But where do they go?

Here's where we get to make a choice: we can send them to the landfill, or let them become mulch that will enrich and protect the soil at Chicago's beloved parks and forests.

If you decide on the mulch option, then Chicago's Christmas Tree Recycling program is for you. Turning your tree into mulch benefits the earth by making the soil friendlier for new trees to grow. It also reduces waste going to landfill.

Chicago's 2021 Tree Recycling Program runs from January 9th through the 23rd at dozens of parks across the City. Only live/natural trees without flocking are accepted (no garland or wreaths). Because the trees are mulched, all tinsel, ornaments, lights, and stands must be removed. Plastic bags used for transport should also be removed before putting trees in the stalls. 

The mulch that's created from the Christmas Tree Recycling program is used in local parks to protect and nourish plants and soil. Mulch will also be made available to Chicago residents, free of charge, starting Jan. 12th, at six park locations. 

Twenty-five parks citywide are hosting Tree Recycling events this year.

For more information and locations for tree drop-off and free mulch visit

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